I recently got a copy of my college alumni magazine. The friend who writes up class notes kindly mentioned that I had started a blog. “Oops” I thought, realizing I hadn’t come up with a new post since sometime last summer. Funny how time gets away from you.

Well, I’m still here, still showing up daily at Firestone’s Culinary Tavern and the little Market on Market next door, and still attempting to make progress on a project that involves moving the market to a building next door and usingĀ  the abandoned space to expand the restaurant.

If I was limiting my blog posts to updates on this project I wouldn’t have had much to write about anyway. Making changes to buildings in the historical district of Frederick, where probably 80% of the buildings are functioning fine, but don’t meet current codes in some way, is not easy. There have been lots of negotiations and compromises. We are finally starting to get some work done!


A Start

Obscure but inflexible regulations of our Liquor Board require us to be ready to open by February 28th if we want to transfer our license to sell wine and beer. It might be tight, but we’ve got a great building crew and if anybody can do it they can.

What else is going on? A recent highlight was a trip to Ft. Worth to celebrate Thanksgiving with my son Leonard and his family. Leonard is also in expansion mode, with his distillery and, like me, has also run into unexpected delays. It’s a long story, but it looks like it will have a happy ending, allowing for more production of his excellent TX Whiskey and its yet-to-be born aged bourbon brother.


Leonard at work on the turkey, aided by a nearby glass of TX whiskey

The weather was good, we brined the turkey and it came out perfect, and we watched a lot of football. Exercise consisted of running his kids around, and as you can see below, leaf-raking gave them an excuse to take a break.


Nothing like a bed of leaves